It’s Halloween At The Mall!

Many people consider Halloween to be their favorite holiday. It’s so much fun to decorate with black cats, pumpkins, witches and spiders! … and you get to eat candy! … and … here in Tucson we are celebrating the onset of cooler weather!

An antique theme

Vintage decor

So much Halloween decor in The Midtown Mercantile Mall now!

There are so many ways to fill your home with Halloween decor. You can use antiques, vintage items or new holiday decorations. And guess what? Here at The Midtown Mercantile Mall at 4443 E. Speedway we’ve got everything you need no matter what your theme may be.

Vintage decor

Old and new

Old and new

Pictured here you’ll find many examples of ways to decorate. Get inspired, get an early start on your decor, and come on in the mall. We’re already celebrating Halloween! Join us!

Carol Fenn 9-2017

Celebrating Labor Day Art!

Labor Day – the perfect day to celebrate antique and vintage labor posters and other labor related art.

Some honor home front workers supporting the war effort. Many support and celebrate the union labor movement, which brought so many important rights to American workers.  

Woman Labor – 1912

Some are 1930’s WPA posters – the Works Progress Administration which, thanks to Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, employed the unemployed and helped bring us out of the Great Depression.  

The “Free Labor Will Win” poster represents fighting the Axis dictators in World War II (which had “unfree” labor) combined with President Roosevelt’s positive policies toward organized labor unions. 

There are Women’s labor posters, anti child-labor posters, etc. I’ve also included a labor related US stamp and the movie poster from the great movie, Metropolis, about a shining Art Deco city which is powered by thousands of poor abused workers living underground.

Come on in to the Midtown Mercantile Mall at 4443 E. Speedway in Tucson, Arizona. We have many merchants who sell vintage art. There just might be some of these old labor posters in the mall right now. If you hang a few of these on your wall you will have a wonderful historic collection, and they are beautiful as well!

Carol Fenn 9-2017