Royal Wedding Countdown!

Ah, a royal wedding. We’ve got one coming up very soon. So it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to collect from this one. Maybe a Harry and Meghan tea cup? Or a tea towel? Or perhaps a fine, gorgeously blue, porcelain plate?

From Queen Victoria to Harry and Meghan

For well over a hundred years there have been souvenirs from these British weddings. Coins, stamps, jewelry, dolls, fine china, etc.

We have lots of British tea cups in the mall. Some Royal, some not!

Enjoy these photos of weddings and antique and vintage collectibles. And come on in to The Mercantile. It’ll be fun to search throughout the mall and see if you can find a royal item!

Carol Fenn 4-2018

April Mash-Up – The Battle of the Sexes!

The battle of the sexes is as old as time. He wanted the cave at the top of the mountain so he could see off in the distance. She wanted the cave next to the babbling brook because it was peaceful and they had close proximity to water.  

Now we have “she sheds” versus “man caves.” Light versus dark. Flowers versus leather. Garden pots versus cigars and humidors. 

Men – vintage cigars

Women – cats

There are no set rules as to what men and women collect. Beautiful ethereal American Art pottery? Most of the collectors I’ve know have surprisingly been men. Zippo lighters? Yes, it’s men who collect these. Vintage robots and space toys, men.  

Dolls vs. robots

Corkscrews vs. buttons

Men collect corkscrews. Women collect buttons. He drinks. She sews? Men collect vintage gas station memorabilia. Women collect cats, real and ceramic. He drives. She likes cuddly company.

Oh yeah, this is a mans collection

Yes, women love quilts, flowery sheets and vintage kitchen items. But they also love American primitives, farmhouse antiques and inspirational signs.  

A lucky man could sleep here too!

Women love weddings. Men, not so much.

Women love these inspirational signs and kitchen primitives

Men love their Zippos

There are no hard and fast rules as to who collects what. Many women collect automobilia and military items and I’ve know lots of men who collect Barbie dolls! But no matter what he or she collects it’s all for fun.  

American Art Pottery – surprisingly, usually collected by men.

Our mash-up this month celebrates the battle of the sexes. She shed vs. Man cave. The female artist, the dark warm leather of a man’s study, the female collector, the male collector. Come on in to The Mercantile this Thursday through Sunday, April 5-9 and join in on the battle! Opening at 10 AM.  

Carol Fenn 4-2018