Collecting Old TUCSON Postcards

Collecting postcards is the third largest hobby after collecting stamps and money (collectible coins and bills – not just “money” lol … although some members of our society seem to be doing just that!) This can be a very rewarding pastime that can be undertaken absolutely anywhere in the world. Even Queen Victoria is thought to have had her own postcard collection, so it’s certainly a hobby that has an excellent pedigree behind it.

The old train station in downtown Tucson

Downtown Tucson in the old days

Older days

Much older days

And downtown Tucson in the really really old days

Today I’m going to focus on collecting “Tucson” postcards. It’s so interesting to collect local ephemera like this. You can learn history. You might be amused. And you will learn about interesting local sites that may or may not exist anymore. I know, when I come across an interesting old card it sends me to Google to find out more!  

Some cards can be funny and or risqué

Don’t forget about the Tucson rodeo postcards!

And the crazy cactus postcards

The Spanish Trail Motel

When you come in the Midtown Mercantile Merchants mall (4443 E. Speedway) there are almost 100 dealers. Makes for a fun afternoon, looking through each space, hunting for that elusive Tucson postcard. When you find one, it feels great! (And here’s an insider tip: booth #115 might just have quite a few postcards to look through.)

Booth #115 on the showroom floor. These would be a lot of fun to search through

Who knew that Tucson had a famous root beer place?

Who knew that Steinfeld’s was this big!

I always wanted to see the famous diving girl’s pool. Here it is!

Once you have your postcards, don’t just keep them in a drawer. Display them as art. This way you and your friends can enjoy them every day.

A great way to display your postcards

Enjoy your search!

Carol Fenn 4-2017