Before and After

People always say things have to fall apart before they can fall together. Tucson, Arizona has had for years a small collection of antique malls. Recently one of the more famous antique malls closed, leaving many dealers without a place to sell their treasures and several employees looking for work.

So two dealers, who you will definitely meet in an upcoming post, decided to act on their dreams and open a space of their own! Going from dealer to owner is a huge leap but they leapedĀ and landed on this absolutely amazing space.

From there everything started to fall into place. Having been dealers themselves they knew exactly what they wanted out of an antique mall, they also knew the dealers who they wanted to fill up the space and the employees to invite to run it.

You could say little by little the dream became a reality, but going from zero to grand opening in less than four months takes monumental bounds. But when you have gathered a group of people who love and are passionate about what they do the impossible ends up being completely possible!

We’ve only been open two weeks (and we will be sharing our Grand Opening very soon on the blog) but each and every day we are amazed with the steady climb we are on. We aren’t done, the store isn’t perfect, changes have already been made and there is no doubt more changes will come our way. That is what makes this journey so exciting though!