~ Christmas Windows in Black and White ~


Whether your winters were spent in balmy California or snowy New York, if you grew up in the ” black and white days” as my daughters used to kiddingly call the 1950’s and 1960’s of my childhood, I’m sure you have fond memories of “Christmas Windows.” If you’re too young to remember this, well, I’ve got a few to show you. Enjoy!

Who doesn’t remember getting bundled up in your best winter coat and going downtown to see these magical displays. Most of them filled with Santa, reindeer and toys. Oh, the toys! Winter scenes with Santa, robots, space toys, dolls, and fluffy stuffed dogs and teddy bears.  

Children and adults would clamor to the windows. The children wishing. The adults wondering … “how am I going to afford that toy” LOL

Occasionally there was a window with never moving children waiting for Old St. Nick.  I wonder if he ever came down that chimney 🙂 

In studying Christmas windows I found that in the early mid century some car dealerships dressed up their windows with an Oldsmobile or a Chevy. It might be a bit difficult for Santa to get an automobile down the chimney but, hey. Magic!

Nowadays, it’s hard to find any Christmas windows here in Arizona. However, from what I understand, part of the fun of going to New York City this time of year, is to see these wondrous displays, which are still going strong there.

Here in Tucson, if you want to get in the mood for Christmas you should come in the Midtown Mall. We might not have Christmas windows, but there are wonderful Christmas vignettes around every corner and throughout the building. Merry Christmas!