Collecting PoP-Up Books!

Pop-up books are so cool! From intricate antique versions to intricate versions made today, they are fascinating. Fairy tales, adventure stories, anatomical tomes, they have all been represented in these wonderful books.

Antique Little Red Riding Hood Pop-Up, 1890

As a child I remember having a pop-up book. As I slowly turned the page there was Little Red Riding Hood (and parts of the forest) magically rising from the page! Then further on, uh oh! The Big Bad Wolf! As an antique dealer I have owned and sold my fair share of wonderful vintage and antique pop-ups. From simple to intricate and amazingly delicate. Today printed book sales are down, with e-books replacing them. However, it is unlikely that this will affect pop-ups. That is because all pop up books are, and always have been, made by hand.


Pop-up books go back to the 13th century, but they became extremely popular in the late 19th century. Today, interest in the field continues to grow and the price paid for rare items is on the rise. In the last few years many have sold in the $250-$350 range. Some rare examples have sold for thousands.

This pop up is in booth #1966 for only $10

Right now in the Midtown Mercantile Merchants Antique Mall at 4443 E. Speedway there is a sweet little pop-up book. It’s in booth # 1966 and it’s only $10. Might be a nice way to start your collection!

Carol Fenn 5-2017