Collecting the Eclipse

You’ve got your NASA approved eclipse glasses and I’m sure you’re going to get a thrill out of watching this rare event occurring on August 21, 2017. But when it’s all over you might want to hang onto those eclipse glasses as they might just become collectible.  

Kids watching a 1920s eclipse

There are a few contemporary things that can join the vintage and antique items that eclipse lovers already collect. The glasses, t-shirts, and the lovely posters that have been created just for this happening.  

There are some really cool old items that fit the category of eclipse collectibles. Perhaps most well known are the vintage “eclipse pattern” tumblers by the iconic mid century designer, Russell Wright.

Tumblers by Russell Wright

Vintage 1970s eclipse t-shirt

Antique pull down eclipse chart

Then there are the old astronomical charts, old photos, etc. All endlessly interesting and historical. It’s so much fun to build a collection. 

Eclipse glasses, 1932

Eclipse photo, 1898

 Come on in to the Midtown Mercantile Mall at 4443 E. Speedway. We just might have an old eclipse collectible waiting for you.

Carol Fenn 8-2017