Those 50s and 60s Vintage Valentines!

If you are of a certain age and grew up in the 1950s and 1960s I’m sure you have fond memories of these mid century Valentines! And if you’re not of that certain age I know you’ll love them anyway!

Dogs were always popular

Food related Valentines are always funny

Disney cards were full of character LOL

Mermaids fall in love too!

Back in the day, we went to the five and dime and bought a packet of these sometimes sweet, sometimes funny, always fun, little cards. Then we took them home, spread them out on the kitchen table, and decided which one should go to which kid in our elementary school class. Then on Valentine’s Day, or the day before Valentine’s Day if it was on the weekend, the teacher would set aside some time and we would exchange our Valentines. It was great fun to then go home with your pile of cards and enjoy each and every one.

Thank goodness, many of these vintage Valentines still survive. And we have a LOT of them for sale here at the Mercantile. Come on in. You’ll really enjoying seeing them and they are so much fun to collect! 

Just some of the Valentines we have for sale

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Carol Fenn 2-2018