Christmas Memories ~ Old & New 


As we celebrate Christmas Day many of us think back over the years of decorating the tree with family ornaments, meals shared with loved ones, or perhaps what was our favorite gift ever. Mine was Barbie’s Dream Kitchen. I loved that kitchen! Those mid century colors were awesome:

I know of one lucky girl 🙂 whose favorite gift was a green stingray bike. The story goes that her mother drove for six hours to get that bike just in time for Christmas! I wonder if it looked like this (except in green of course!):

If you were a kid in the fifties and sixties you might see one of your favorite gifts in this photo. Barbie’s sport car, a toy robot, a Lionel train, an airplane, or tinker toys! Ah, Christmas memories …

As we grow older and develop new friendships and bring in-laws into our families more memories are made. New traditions are born. I make the same Christmas dinner my mother always made. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and crescent rolls. It’s delicious and, if I do say so myself, perfect. When my ex-significant other first sat down to this meal the first words out of his mouth were, “Where’s the macaroni and cheese?” … LOL … what? Well, as long as he was with us, the Mac and cheese became part of our meal. It’s gone now, and so is he. But I have to say, sometimes I miss that delicious cheesy dish!

Now might be a fun time to reflect. What was your favorite gift?  What new memories and traditions have others brought to your Christmas Day?  Will those traditions stay or will they go?  Merry Christmas memories to one and all!