The Joy of Collecting ~ Pink!

Have you ever known someone who collected a color? Maybe it was that kind of wacky, but sweet neighbor who collected anything purple. Maybe she even had a purple toilet! Maybe it was your grandma who collected blue bottles, blue dishes and little blue salt and pepper shakers. Or maybe it was someone who collects pink!  If there is a color to collect, pink is probably the most popular. It’s so cheery. So sweet. And it includes pink elephants!

Pink elephant matchbook cover

There’s pink Pyrex and other assorted serving pieces.

Pink Pyrex

Pink kitchen utensils can make it more fun in the kitchen.

… and speaking of pink kitchens!  Check these out!

During the holidays you can get out your pink Christmas trees and ornaments.

Pink aluminum Christmas tree

 If you’re really lucky you might find some pink furniture.  

And don’t forget the fancier stuff like antique pink lustreware and depression glass.

Antique pink lustreware

Pink depression glass

And of course those adorable pink elephants. They are somewhat elusive, but they can be found.

Vintage pink elephant collection

Pink elephant barware circa 1940’s

It’s really fun to collect a color. You can go into the antique mall and usually find something to add to your collection.  I’ll bet there’s something there right now!  

Carol Fenn 1-2017