The Civil War Era Woman’s Relief Corps

Did you know that after the civil war there was a northern women’s organization, the W.R.C, who put cast iron markers on the graves of some veterans. The markers, like this one in the Midtown Mercantile Mall in Tucson, Arizona, are highly desired by collectors of Civil War memorabilia. This lovely example can be found in space #229 for only $75.

Civil War Grave Marker in Space #229

The Woman’s Relief Corps (W.R.C.) is the official women’s auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic. (The G.A.R. was a fraternal organization composed of veterans of the union army.)  

Woman’s relief corps 1907

The W.R.C. is one of the many women’s organizations that were founded after the American Civil War. It began in 1879 when a group of Massachusetts women started this “secret” organization. The members were to be women who were loyal to the North during the Civil War. They were officially recognized in 1883.

While it might be easy to assume that this organization was only for white women, there were many posts across the country that had African-American women as members as well.

Collecting items like this brings history right into your home. Just imagine the story behind it! Come on in and check it out. 

W.R.C. Antique Postcard

Carol Fenn 2-2017