Why You Should Buy ~And Use~ A Copper Pot

In the Midtown Mercantile Mall gazebo we have a French country kitchen with all manner of lovely items. Possibly the most useful are the heavy copper pots that populate this nook.  

A country kitchen in Normandy, France

A zillion years ago, back in the 1970’s, I was part of an interesting foursome on the golf course. We were two entertainment attorneys, Herb and Bert; a probation officer, John; and me, the horse trainer. I distinctly remember the first time I walked into Herb’s kitchen in Beverly Hills. There, in all their glory, about a dozen copper pots hung above the center island stove. He took down one of the smaller pots and whipped up a bearnaise sauce to go with our steaks. Delicious.  

Bearnaise sauce – yep, it looked like this!

Why use a good heavy copper pot like Herb did? Of all the metals, copper is the most effective for cooking. The temperature spreads evenly on all sides of the cookware. As you change the temperature on your stove top, the temperature of the pot changes almost immediately allowing you to braise and brown foods to perfection. Hot spots are pretty much unheard of.Your sauces will no longer burn or separate. Melting chocolate will become child’s play.

You can find this double boiler in the mall

Plus, there is no denying the beauty of a shining, or well patinated, copper pan. We’ve all seen photos of kitchens in home decorating magazines where invariably the featured cookware is made of copper. Just like that 1970’s kitchen in Beverly Hills. 

Pots over a kitchen island

So, come on into the mall. Get one of our pots. (Some of them are pictured here) And get going on that sauce!

Currently in the gazebo in our French Country Kitchen

In our gazebo? Look up! You’ll see these pots hanging overhead.

ADDRESS: Midtown Mercantile Merchants Mall, 4443 E. Speedway, Tucson AZ

More pots in France

Carol Fenn 3-2017