Those CRAZY Weird Victorian EASTER Cards!

 If you’ve been an antique or vintage dealer, or a collector of old things, you’ve probably had at least a couple old Victorian Easter cards or postcards pass through your hands. I know I have. And some of them have been puzzlingly weird!  

Yep, she’s got a human hand. Half chicken / half human?

These are so much fun to collect though, because there is so much variety and, well, they can be pretty, charming, crazy, funny, sometimes mean, and very odd. 

They can be sweet

Seems like one of the storylines is Mr. Father Easter Bunny and Mrs. Mother Hen. Now we finally know where Easter eggs come from!

Mr and Mrs Easter Bunny?

Bunnies, chickens, kissin’, smokin’ … lamenting.

Then we have the military themed cards. Puzzling.  

Then this, that, and the other …

Babies and hammers. Never a good idea.

Uh oh

So, come on in to the Midtown Mercantile Mall at 4443 E. Speedway. We just might have some Easter cards on hand so you can add to your collection or start one!

Carol Fenn 4-2017