Collecting EASTER Toys

All year long it’s fun to come into the Midtown Mercantile Merchants Mall at 4443 E. Speedway and search for fun, funny, cute, sweet, vintage Easter toys, candy containers, etc. They make a very happy permanent collection in your home. Then when Easter week rolls around you’ve got all these adorable things to make a joyful Easter display!  

Easter display

Candy containers and nodders

Pop-up bunny!

Don’t forget about the stuffies!

Of all the areas of collecting I think Easter toys and related items might be the most fun. I mean really? How can you not smile at these things?

Lollipop holders. So cute!

Don’t forget the lambies

Candy containers

Many of them are made of delicate materials, like cardboard or early celluloid plastic.  These should be handled with care to preserve them for future generations.

Vintage celluloid

Fisher-Price also made a nice variety of Easter baskets and toys.

One of the Fisher Price toys

Happy Easter and happy hunting!
Carol Fenn 4-2017