The Eerie Halloween Glow of Uranium Glass

Also known as Vaseline glass, uranium glass, which can date as far back as 1830, glows bright green under ultraviolet light. This is because uranium oxide is added to the glass in its molten state. In natural or indoor light, Vaseline glass has a yellow or yellow-green tinge with an oily sheen.  But turn on that black light and you get a glowing green surprise!

Unlit and lit. Cool huh?

If you want to have a unique display on Halloween which will wow your friends and neighbors, all you need is some uranium glass, a place to display it, and a black light.

Uranium glass perfume

Fill this glowing reamer with candy or fake eyeballs!

A lot of pieces together in a glass case could make your home look like Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory! How awesome would that be! But really, just a single piece, glowing eerily, surrounded by pumpkins, spiders, witches or black cats? Well, that would be awesome too!

Come on into the Midtown Mercantile Antique mall at 4443 E. Speedway in Tucson, AZ. We have at least one piece of uranium glass right now in booth #830.

In the mall now (until they sell!)

 … And if you look around through our three levels of booths you might find more. Just watch out for ghosts and goblins! And if you come in on a Holiday Happenings weekend between now and Dec. 31, we’ll serve you some punch and sweet treats.  

Carol Fenn 10-2017