Halloween History and Costumes – Creepy or Cute?

Halloween originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. In the 8th century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as All Saints Day, incorporating some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before was known as All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween. 

Trick or treat!

Creepy or cute?

By the 1920s and 1930s, Halloween had become a community-centered holiday, with parades and big Halloween parties as the featured entertainment. 


Mostly cute!

Over time, Halloween incorporated activities like trick-or-treating and carving pumpkins. As the October nights get colder, people usher in the season with parties, costumes and don’t forget the candy!

Even horses can dress up!

This poor kid …

Pretty creepy

 From the 1950s on it has been the golden era of Halloween. There are so many TV and movie character costumes to choose from. Sometimes scary, but usually cute, these costumes bring joy to the kids wearing them and to the adults who open the door, after hearing the words, “Trick or Treat!”

Why are you crying, Batman?

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Carol Fenn 10-2017